Chapter 5 – Spellcrafting

Ashen’s Age: Half Year Old

Over the last 6 months, I have made some amazing strides.

Practice time was limited to the times when Amelia or Mother were paying attention, but after the first couple weeks they seemed to feel that the scare was over and it went back to normal.

That’s not to say that they didn’t spend a lot of time with me. But that while they maintained a frequent presence around me, they seemed to let me do my own thing.

Such laissez faire parenting.

Father only comes about once or twice a month, and only for a few days. But when he does, the three of us-mother, father and I-would spend time together.

Well, they spend time being stupid romantic couple while I look on. But I digress.

My magic practice has been a resounding success thus far.

Once I was able to see the magic, and the magic around me, it was a lot easier to understand how it works.

What I was creating before was magic, but it was only a piece, a building block, a magical component.

Yes, it was like putting together a puzzle. No, a circuit. You needed the right components, with the right attributes, in the right order for how they processed, and then you created the desired effect.

I even figured out how to prevent the magic from damaging the caster.

It’s sort of complicated, but from what I can see, all magic has different wavelengths or signatures. Magic of the same or similar signatures interact differently than magic of different signatures. The differences can be very small as well, so it takes a lot of control.

In order to safeguard yourself, you need to comprise the magic you create using the same signature of your own link core.

I think that this comes naturally to others, but because I started out creating lots of bits and pieces haphazardly at random, they were of different signatures, and I ended up electrocuting myself.

But hey, my arm feels better, so that’s a plus, right?

From there, I wanted to create some real spells, but there was the catch.

Remember that the Core Taker had to use an incantation. That incantation must be a recipe. A recipe that puts together these different components.

They are probably all tied to something-words, sounds, letters, who knows. So when they say an incantation, they are just reciting the recipe and forming it from there.

So in order to create a bigger spell, I need to start small. I need to know what those components are first. Then assign those components with an identifier so that I can refer back to them later at will. Something easy to remember and manipulate.

Once I identify as many components as I can, then I can start having them interact with each other.

Take those interactions, make them into their own, more complex components.

I don’t necessarily need to speak it out loud. I just need to remember the feeling of creating that component. Associate an identifier with a feeling. Standardize it so that I can reliably build a library of components.

I also had to identify how to manipulate those components. How to change properties such as their size, speed, temperature, color, etc…

I then needed to define how the spell would behave when and after I released it.

So I came up with the following system.

  • Element – The base behavior, essence or raw mana for magic.
  • Component – Collection of Elements and/or Components.
  • Attribute – Characteristic of a spell, such as it’s size, power, intensity, color, etc…
  • Action – What the spell’s behavior will be after casting.
  • Formula – The components and attributes that make up a spell.
  • Incantation – Keyword that invokes the formula and outputs the result.

It’s very complicated, this magic thing.

But with these, I can build a flexible method to develop spells going forward.

This is the output of 6 months worth of work.

Refreshing! Triumph! Victory!

Now I just need to actually make spells.

What? Why didn’t I make any spells after all this time?

Didn’t I just explain how complicated it is?

How can I make bricks without clay? How can I make a wall without Bricks?

So what do I make? Shall I go like before and make a lightning sword-okay yeah lets not do that this time.

I know it won’t hurt me like before, but I really don’t want to pee my pants again.

How about a plane?

I decided to make a wooden plane. With any luck, I can fly it around the room.

I reach out and start building it. I formed and put together pieces of pseudo wood. Smooth tube, pointed at front. Sweeping wings coming from the side. I put a tail on the end of it. Then I sealed the pieces together. Presto, a light weight, wooden model plane.

I let it go and push it forward with some wind by changing the air pressure a bit.

The plane started to fly around the room.


I hurriedly control the planes flightpath with more wind magic to turn it just in time before it hit the wall.

For the next hour I had fun flying the plane around the room.


It crumbled.

The wings came off, and it started to fall.

I quickly blow it back over to the crib, and it lands on my chest with a put.

I held it up and took a look at it.

It was soft, like brittle sand. The plane was disintegrating.

No, that is not it. I can see with my magic lenses. It is not that it is disintegrating per say, but that the magic power is evaporating away.

I experimented some more afterwards, creating different materials with different magic concentrations.

I knew that the magic components I had created had gone away previously, but I thought it was just because I stopped supplying magic to them and that they went away afterwards, but that the final product would stick around.

I was half right.

As long as I supplied magic, the product would stick around. But as soon as the supply was cut off, it was on a timer. Once the product ran out of it’s magic reserves, the structure itself would begin evaporating. It was like the magic had a half-life.

This would explain why this would could still have a wealth disparity, doesn’t it? Or more like, it explains why there can even still be a thing like wealth or currency.

Anything you make, like Gold, with magic would just disappear. The real thing would not.

So any Magic Tools or Magic Items I make in the future will have to be made a different way, then.

Wait, Magic Tools? Magic Items?

I grinned.

I am, or was at least, an nerd when it came to circuits. What if I applied those principles with magic? What could I make? Hehehe. I look forward to the future.

Yes, the future.

No way I would be able to make, let alone acquire the materials for, magic tools till I was older.


Cheer up. Cheer up. Don’t mind. Don’t Mind.

You still have magic spells! You can still make spells! That’s just as good! Better even! And you can always use the spells and components to theorycraft magic tools, right?

I’ll just put Magic Tools as something to look forward to. A reward for the future. A future endeavor.

I can’t wait to grow up.


When do I grow up, actually?

Elves age very slowly, right? And even though I was half human, physically I matured pretty slowly as a child in my past life.

If I mature half as fast as my slow growth rate in my previous life, then…


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