Chapter 4 – Whole New World

Ashen’s Age: 0 Years Old

Ungh. My hand hurts. My head hurts. And I think I’ve wet myself even more than usual-okay enough of that no poop talk, right?

Did I just do something very stupid?

“Ah! Ashen, my baby! Amelia! She’s awake! She’s awake!”

“Oh thank the spirits, she’s fine. The doctor is coming from town, he should be here soon.”

Apparently, after my error in judgement and subsequent electrocution, I blacked out and wet myself. I seemed to have at least cried out in pain before I fainted, and thankfully Mother found me in time.

Really. I am a computer engineer. I’ve worked with electricity all my life. I should know better.

Eh. But I never really feared electricity, and I had good resistance to shocks in my previous life.


After twenty minutes, I heard a commotion coming from the entryway, and a man dressed like an old country doctor strode quickly into the room.

The doctor examined me, checking my vitals and looking all over my body.

“I don’t know what to say, Madam. It appears that she has burnt herself, though I do not know from what. Are there any open flames?”

“No, sir” said Amelia, “Nothing of the sort. It is as you see now. The crib is in the center of the room well apart from the candle brackets.”

“Do you have any ideas on the cause, Doctor?” said Mother in a worried tone.

“The closest thing I have seen to this is a man who was struck by lighting. Look.” He rolled up my sleeve and showed my arm. “This pattern here.”

Mother, Amelia and the Doctor all looked down at my arm. I did as well. Looking at it, there was a pattern running all down the arm, like the stems of a flowering plant.

Yep, definitely electrocuted.

“What is that pattern? I’ve never seen it. Is it a curse?” asked Mother.

“Oh, I do not think it is a curse, though the cause seems to be magical. In time, it will heal.” Replied the Doctor.

“Will there be scarring?” asked Amelia.

“It is too soon to tell. There may be some scaring, but she is also young, and I dare say that she will grow out of this in time. After all, a child’s body can repair itself quicker than an adult, after all. Just keep an eye on her, and call me if anything else happens.”

“We will, Doctor. Thank you!” said Mother.

From then for the new few days, I was never alone, with either Mother or Amelia in the room with me at all times. Thus, I couldn’t practice magic.

Instead, I thought to myself, and began my speculations.

The magic existed. But it was not visible to me. But it was there, and I could interact with it.

But when I created the lighting sword, even when I stabbed myself, I didn’t take any damage, did I?

The bitch.. let’s give her a different name, shall we? The sphere is like my magical stone? Or Core? Yeah, Core Taker. Let’s go with that.

The Core Taker, she was able to throw a fireball at me. Throw it. Which means she had it in her hands, but did not self immolate. So there is a component of the magic that prevents the magic itself from damaging the caster.

So I am missing a key component with it.

I should be able to figure that out if I can reproduce the sword. But I made that on instinct. And I don’t want to get electrocuted again.

If only I could SEE the magic. I could see what it is doing.

Think back, how did they used to do this in stories?

Magic eyes?

Well, I don’t have magic eyes.

But, can I make my own eyes into magic eyes?

How do I even do that?

To do that, I’d need to pour mana into my eyes, right?

Except how do I pour mana? How do I move it around? Where is it even coming from? How much do I have? Will I end up going blind by electrocuting my eyeballs-okay lets not think about that.

If Magic comes from the Core, and the Core resides inside my body, then I need to take Mana from the core and then get it out into my body.

How did I do that.

I get the feeling I was only collecting the outer surface that was pulsing from the core.

That would mean that I am not actually taking magic from the core. I am just skimming the residue that is exuding from it.

So I need some sort of link. A linked core. Link Core. Yes, I am totally going to try and make a starlight buster in the future, so let’s go with that.

Create a link. If I take the part of me that I can feel collecting from the core, and use it to create a link core by extending it further inside the core.

Ah, there, I felt something. Like a prong sipping into place and locking it.

Woah, woah, woah, what, woah.

I feel a pulse flowing around through my body. It’s rather insane.

Its like that feeling when you are on a roller coaster, or an airplane during turbulence-okay stop roller coaster it is, and you feel that tingling sensation in the core of your body.

It was like that, but in the form of a river going through my body.

No, no, think about it like your blood vessels, or your nervous system, or even like a watercooled computer. Like the pipes of water in a powerplant.

Relieve pressure here, raise pressure there, and regulate the flow. Regulate it.

Once I calmed down, though, I got used to it, and controlled it to an extend.

Now what do I do with it? How do I release it?

I tried releasing it from my hands first, as I did before.

I could feel something warm going through them, but nothing happened that I could see.


Right, magic eyes, let’s try that.

I directed the flow of mana, and connected it to my eyes. Not through the brain. Nope. Not going to risk that. I had to do it delicately to avoid that. Last thing I want is to find out I am in a magic coma for 3,000 years.

Instead of shooting things through my eyes-I do not want burning retinas or electrocuted eyeballs-I pooled the mana there.

When I did, my vision became obstructed.

I could see swirls of white fog everywhere, but nothing too distinct. It was like looking through liquid fog.

Well, of course.

I am just pooling it, aren’t I?

I know about modern optics. I should know better.

But how do I shape it?

I try and manipulate the mana that has pooled in my eyes.

Shape it, shape it, curve it, curve it.

With a lot of effort, I manage to get it into the shape of a lens.

Much clearer. But still not there.

I manipulate and adjust the lens, and condense it to my iris. The more I shape it, the clearer the picture I can see. And the more I condense it-there is only so much volume of space available, after all-the more magical power I could see.



There. Is. Magic. Everywhere.


It is insane.

This is amazing.

I quickly forget the past. I reach out and begin creating the electrical pulses I had created earlier.

I can see them now. It’s so cool. They look like little fuzzy squiggles.

This. This is it. I may have ‘returned’ back here, but with this, now I am truly seeing a whole new world.

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