Chapter 3 – Passing Time

Ashen’s Age: 0 Years Old

It has been two months since I have been reborn and returned to this world.

As I suspected, it is a different world from Earth. I have only heard a couple proper names for places in passing, but it was enough to glean that this is not earth.

For one thing, Earth only has one moon, not two.

I was able to see that through the bedroom window.

We are in the country of Astrania. A kingdom of the Elves. I do not know if there are any other races, but since this is specifically an Elven country, then that implies that other races, that is to say non-elves, also exist.

I also have learned my name.

I am Ashen Testarossa.

A good name, I think?

But… yeah… I am female… why I am female? Is it fine because Elven women are supposed to be beautiful? No wait, the guys are supposed to be beautiful as well.

Though I don’t think that I was that handsome in my previous life.

Was it because I was a half?

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. Don’t think about it.

Boys and girls are not so different until puberty, right?

In fact, girls are more developed till then!

Oh shit… this means I’ll get my period when I hit puberty… when is that for pure Elves?

No idea.

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. Don’t think about it.

Okay then. Moving on. Ah yes, Mother.

My mother’s name is Blue Testarossa, and my Father’s name is Sander.

I do not know the midwife’s name. She left soon after my birth.

I did learn the attendant’s name, however. She is called Amelia.

Amelia is very close to Blue, to Mother. She seems to always be by her side and glued to her.

Though honestly, their behavior together is more like an annoyed older sister (Amelia) and an airhead younger sister (Blue).

You can’t tell who’s the mother here.

Ah, but speaking of mother. Her recovery is amazing. Within the first month, she was already walking around, good as new. There is no way she looked like a mother that had just given birth. Is this the power of elves?

Ah, but Amelia was chastising her for working out, while Blue was arguing that since she was finally free of her restraints (me), she wanted to make up for lost time.

Is mother a muscle head?

Dad looks like the clever type, though.

Father was present for my birth and the day after, but he took off and I have not seen him since. He must be working.

This is a fantasy world, so if there is no cheat way to travel like apparition or warping, then you’d be confined to horse and carriages, right? Minutes for travel on Earth mean hours here, and hours on Earth are days of travel here.

The family circumstances? If this is truly middle ages style, then I think we’re rather well off. We might be nobles or wealthy merchants.

I know that in addition to Amelia, we do have additional servants as well.

There is a cook, a butler, a coachman, and another maid.

I haven’t interacted with them much. The cook stays in the kitchen. The coachman seems more like Father’s aide, as he comes and goes and mostly interacted with Father. The butler and maid are similar to Amelia in that they are friendly with mother, and seem pretty informal in their relations considering their positions.

I like that, though.

But while Amelia seems more like Mother’s

I don’t really know, since I have not gone outside yet.

I have been carried around the house a bit. The place is definitely a mansion. An old mansion. It gives the impression of being an old mansion, full of neglect, that has since been renovated.

My room on the second floor, in the room next to Mother’s and across the hall from Amelia’s.

An ancient mansion? Muhahahha. Of course that means secret passage ways, hidden rooms, trap doors-at least, in my imagination it does. I can’t verify any of that until I am older, though.

Which leads me to my current situation.

I am bored. b.o.r.e.d. I am so bored. Being a baby is boring.

I can’t move. I can’t (shouldn’t) talk. I can’t read a book, go on the computer, watch TV, run around, fly a kite, defeat a Demon Lord, paint a picture, listen to music. Nothing. I can do nothing myself.

My only entertainment is Mother or Amelia telling me children’s stories, or being carried around the mansion and looking at things.

What the hell can I do then?

I am sitting here, all alone, laying in a crib. I get checked up on throughout the day, but for the most part it is eat, sleep and poop.

Poop? Don’t want to talk about it. Nope. Not going there.

I can barely even move my body, though. Just my arms, and maybe my legs.

This is another world. And there is magic, right?

I should know since I got hit by that fireball-no I don’t want to think about that stop thinking of that.

Fire is too dangerous.

Water? That’s what everyone starts with in fantasy novels, right?

Okay, let’s try that.


Nothing happened.

Oh, maybe I need to say it.


Nothing happened.

What the hell.

Wait, wait. Think back. What did that bitch do?

She was mumbling something before she fireballed me, right?

Do I need an incantation?

Kind of impractical (even though it did kill me… while falling from 15,000 ft).

How the hell am I supposed to do a long incantation?

Are they really even necessary? Wouldn’t such an incantation mean that there are set words or phrases to do magic? But what about people with different languages?

That can’t be right.

Actually, wait a minute. That bitch is not my only example of magic, right?

No, not mother. I never saw her do magic.

But didn’t I do magic myself? Instinctively, when that bitch reached through my chest?

And I feel like that blue sphere was the reason. It was like the thing that enabled me to do magic.

Since it belonged to Mother, that must be the reason why she couldn’t use magic over there.

But since I was fireballed, does that mean that it was destroyed after all when I died?

Then Mother, if she did somehow return here, can’t use magic anymore?

I am sad. Let’s not think about this anymore.

Magic. Magic. What did I do.

I created a sword of electricity, didn’t I.

How did I do that.

I feel like it just came to me.

But the feeling, it was like… this?

I think I can feel a spark right in front of me. But I can’t see it.

Maybe I need a higher concentration.

I reach out and create more ‘sparks’ that I cannot see.

There should be a lot of them there. But I can’t see them at all!

I reach out and try and touch them.

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