Chapter 20 – Magical Engineering

Ashen’s Age: 10 Years Old

Ashen’s Prospective

As expected, I got told off for going off the trail in the forest. Actually, I got told off for going in the forest in the first place.

Amelia initially wanted to ban me from my afternoon trips, but I was able to have a conversation with Blue to rectify that.

I told Blue and Amelia about the forest mansion, how it is guarded by boggarts that were friendly to me, and that it belonged to a former incarnation of the blue star. They did not know the name Alicia, though. I’ll have to ask father if he knows anything about her. Shade doesn’t know that much about her, and knows nothing after the royals took her away from here.

I got Blue to allow me to return as long as I brought her there first and she made sure everything was safe. Then, I would need to bring either her, Amelia or Chesney with me for subsequent trips.

I can abide by that, but I ran it past Sheashade first to make sure that the boggarts would let them through. He said that anyone accompanying me would be able to make it through the fog and the barrier. I have plans to mollify Blue and Amelia further, though, hehehehe. Oh, Blue and Amelia couldn’t see the fog by the way. To them it was more of a dark haze.

I also have not told them about Shaeshade yet. I am still getting used to him myself after all.

As an aside, it looks like mother’s now on speaking terms with the village, and I am now allowed to head in there to play myself. Mother told me that the hunters knew I was there all along, and appreciated my help. When I did not emerge from the forest like usual, they grew concerned and formed a search party. I need to repay that trust as well.

I still have my bag with the journals. For the time being, I’m going to study these, and make some magic tools for myself and some as a present for Blue, Amelia and Chesney for coming to my aid.

After mother defeated the moon bears, the hunters collected the carcasses and took out the link cores, and Amelia gave them to me, saying that she suspected I’d want to use them for something. She also gave me some smaller link cores that the hunters had gathered as well. They insisted on giving her them in exchange for the moon bear materials. Though I did also get a hold of the pelt of one of them.

Magic tools and magic items. It’s my time as an engineer to shine. It’s what I have been waiting for.

Studying the journals, there are some rules for creating magic tools.

Magic tools must be supplied mana externally, either via a magic crystal, the users own mana, or a combination of the two.
Magic tools must be made of existing matter, and not magically made. This is because any magically made materials will evaporate, and thus break the tool.
Magic tools can create magical effects, but those effects are temporary.
Magical effects created that interact with normal matter will revert have the matter revert to their original forms after the magic has evaporated away.
Magic tools are in general rigid with their intake and output of magic. Though the journal indicates ways to change the power of the magic tool via circuits and gates, and other physical settings (mechanical/hardware). It looks like the author was just getting into manipulation by mana itself (software) before the journals cut off.

I hearken back to my fight with the moon bears.

I think my general strategy can use some improvements.

Really, the setup takes a lot of concentration and preparation. I was barely able to wing it when I was first attacked, and I reacted on pure instinct, but I really need to be more prepared for surprise attacks.

Ashen, just so that you remember, I cannot cast your magic, I can only control what you have out. Don’t forget that. Ah, but if it was a magic tool, I could probably activate that.

That’s what I’ll need to do. I need magic equipment. Bracelets for claw weapons, boots for gliding. I can probably make a circlet or glasses for magic eyes. How about a cloak for the shields? Wait, didn’t a wise woman once say it? No Capes! I’ll have to think of something. Rings? Necklace? Bracelet? Belt? Vestments or other clothing?

The engineer in me is getting excited.

We had some of the materials for magic tools around the house, but not much of them. But Sheashade says that there are more materials back at the forest mansion. So I practice a little with the materials I have on hand, and then use the journal and sketch out the magical tools I want to build.

First are the bracelets.

I draw them as bracelets that cover part of the hands, and use soft metal to wrap between the fingers like a half glove. I go for braclets because I want to keep my hands free to cast magic, but I also need to create a barrier around my hands so that I do not hurt them while slashing with claws. After all, I can’t actually touch the weapons I create, so my hands would be in danger of getting hurt. The true power of the bracelets are that they can store magic spells written to them for quick access by myself or Shaeshade, while still allowing for spontaneous spells. I plan on storing different weapons and magics in the bracelets to allow myself to be more versatile in combat.

I use a moon bear link core as the magic stone on the underside of the forearm. This is so that it won’t get hit accidentally when moving around.

I went a little overboard on designing them.

The bracelets each can create a Weapon, such as a claw, stave, scepter or a shield. The shield can be made of Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald. With another command, you can cover them with a magical flame effect. Diamond has a white magical flame, Sapphire has an ice or water effect, Ruby has fire, and Emerald has a mana draining effect. It will pull mana from the one it slashes, and use it to harden itself. I can also use the Emerald in the reverse, and send mana into a target.

The weapons, such as the claws and scepters, appear at a fixed location from my hand and extend out, allowing me to shield myself or slash at enemies. They also remain a fixed distance away so that I can hold them in place with magic.

For the rotating shields, I did a similar effect but imbued it into a necklace. When activated, the necklace will create any number of bricks of the chosen type, same as the swords and with the same effects. They are shaped like a hexagon, but with sharper angles. They deploy in alternating rows that orbit around the caster, with each row going a different direction than the one above it. This allows you to have momentum and the ability to easily move them into place and block in time. They also have grooves so that if all pulled back towards the caster, they lock together to form a solid barrier.

The number of shield blocks is controlled by the caster. Really, though, the biggest thing is that Shaeshade can manipulate magic tools that I am wearing with my mana. He just cannot use my spells. So with the magic tools, he can cover for me and create more shield blocks without me having to stop and create them for him.

I used the third Moonbear link core for this.

Next, I designed a pair of glasses. They cover my field of vision, and instead of pouring mana directly into my eyes, I can pour mana into the glasses instead. This creates a Heads Up Display (HUD) and allows me to use magic to mark my vision, or things around me, without projecting mana to them. It also allows Sheashade to send me messages or alert me to things through the glasses.

Because of the size limitations, I am using two normal link cores for these. They’re located behind my ears. They also act as counterbalances that prevent the glasses from slipping off as I move.

Finally, I designed shoes that I can activate glide at will. These also use normal link cores as I didn’t have enough moon bear cores to go.

I also designed gloves for mother that produce magic swords like father said Sara used, and for Amelia and Chesney, a single glove each that does the same.

I have one moon bear core left to be allocated. Don’t know what to use it on yet.

I have my designs. Now I just need to build them.

Mother burst my bubble though when she told me about a competition, though.

Next week, I was to have a competition with Chesney. A game of tag. The game starts in the morning, and ends at sundown. The last person it will lose, and the winner gets to make a request from Blue.

I already know my request. I fear Chesney’s though. Will it be for me to stop training with them, and have mother all to himself? I hope now. I need to win this, don’t I?

Side note: When I held my link core in my hand, it filled my hands and was the size of a baseball. The Moon Bear link cores were the size of marbles. Just how much mana do I have?


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