Chapter 2 – Homecoming

Ashen’s Age: 0 Years Old


I want to yell out, but I can’t breath. I can’t even move.

My body is pinned from all sides.

All around I can hear the muffled screaming of the other passenger.

I can’t open my eyes.

I feel like I am being smothered.

Calm down. Calm down. Don’t panic.

You’re alive. The plane has crashed, and you survived. Sure you are pinned, but you are alive. The screaming means that others survived too. Rescue workers, or the other passengers, will start digging through the wreckage and find you. I have to believe that.

Think. Focus. Calm. Down.

Sure you crashed. Sure you are pinned. But how is the body?

It’s fine, right? There is no pain, only weight all around.

It’s hot, so there is fire all around, but you are not burning, right?

Don’t think about that. Think of the other passengers.

Buried in the wreckage, but without life nor limb. Burnt, scarred, dead.

What are you complaining about?

The rescue workers will dig you out.

Some bruises, a knock on the head perhaps?

Nothing. Just mild injuries.

What are you complaining about?

Once extracted, you’ll be low priority.

You can even walk away from all this.

That’s more than many of the other passengers can say, right?

There is some leeway in front of me.

I start to wiggle forward.

I can barely open my eyes, but when I do, all I see is red.

Oh no. Is it fire?

No, it’s not hot, if anything, it’s getting cooler.

Screaming and yelling is getting louder.

It’s pink and soft, the stuff I am squirming through.

Flesh? Ungh. Bodies. Are these bodies? I am going to puke.

No, don’t puke. There is no room. Can’t breath. If you vomit, you’ll just choke and suffocate.


Wait, how am I breathing??

With that realization, I can’t breath. Shit.

But I can feel some give way. There’s an opening.

Get out! Get out! Get out!

I manage to get to the end, pass through the opening in the wreckage. When I do, I can feel the large hands of the rescue workers pulling me out and carrying me.

I can finally breath.

I take a deep breath and let out a scream to vent my anxiety.

Wait. Carrying me?

I am a grown man. This isn’t a stretcher. I am in someone’s arms.

I open my eyes.

Holy shit. Giants.

A large woman is holding me. She is wearing a bloodstained apron, and grey linen dressings.

“Oh what is this? I didn’t even need to spank, and she is already breathing normally. Congratulations, madam, it’s a girl.”

I feel the giant woman tickling my nose with her index finger going ‘goochi goochi goo’.

What am I? A child to these people? Just because they are bigger than… wait-

I am handed over to another large woman who is laying on the bed. She is drenched in sweat.

She looks to be in her mid twenties, with brown hair and green eyes. I’d qualify her as a cool beauty.

“Oh, she’s beautiful”, the woman says, “Hello there? It’s mommy, it’s mommy.”

I am being spoken to in baby talk.

Wait. Let’s process this a bit.

The plane crashed, right?

No, it didn’t.

Or well, it probably crashed after that happened.

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. Don’t think about that.

I was talking to the Professor who was seated next to me.

Then we were going over the strange blue stone sphere with the circuits that he was bringing to me for analysis.

We talked about how it used to belong to Mother.

Then the blue sphere glowed, and shot into my chest.

Then the annoying girl from behind me stabbed me through my back, pushed the sphere back out of my chest, and…


I stabbed us?

I made a sword… and I stabbed myself through the chest… and into her…

Then shocks of electricity flew everywhere.

Then we were outside the plane, falling towards the sea… which was weird, since we were flying over the rocky mountains just before that…

And it was just the bitch and I falling…

I pulled the core back into my chest.

Then she said a weird thing and threw a fireball at me…

And I died?

I am dead.

But I am not dead.



That’s the Midwife…

The woman who said congratulations is dressed as an attendant to a rich woman. Maid?

That must mean that this woman is my mother?

New mother. Yes, New mother. Not MY mother, but my NEW mother.

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. You’ll just go crazy if you care too deeply about it.

I have been given the chance to start over.

Others do not get that chance.

While I have been trying to resolve my internal dilemmas, I’ve been wiped down, my cord cut, and swaddled in my mother’s arms.

A man came into the room as well, and looked at Mother and I with a loving look.

That must be father.

They have all been having a conversation about feeding, resting, and confirming that there were no complications with the mother and child.

I seem to be the first born of the family as well.

Wait. Something else is hitting me here.

I can understand these people.

But they are not speaking English. They are not speaking any language I’ve heard on Earth at all.

Except for one place.

I grew up speaking this language after all.

But it was only between one other person and I.

I can’t see it due to Mother’s hair. But I an see it on the Attendant and on my Father.

Their ears. They are pointed.

Just like Mother’s.

Similar to how my (old) ears were.

This means I am back with my mother’s family?

Or perhaps back in her old hometown?

I got hit (killed) by a magic fireball.

Reincarnated as a baby.

Surrounded by young, beautiful looking people with pointed ears.

Everyone is dressed as if it was the middle ages.

And no one knew where Mother was originally from. Only that she appeared suddenly, and she was not from around here.

If I had to put my finger on it… yeah… a new world.

But wait.

If I recall correctly, Mother was pregnant when they found her on Earth, right?

With me.

So does that mean that rather than a new world, this is a return?


Welcome home, me. Welcome home.

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