Chapter 7 – Family Council II

Ashen’s Age: 2 Years Old

Amelia’s Perspective

“Ah! Sander, you’re here early!” said Blue as she stood up to run over to him.

Really, what the hell happened to the clever and fearless Captain Blue, terror of the seas, that we all loved and followed. She’s like a puppy whose master has just gotten home. What? You say I act the same way when she returns as well? Well, I don’t know what you are talking about and you should stop, stop, that’s embarrassing, stop thinking that.

“We rushed ahead of the rain. Momarck is just parking the carriage and taking care of the horses.” said Sander. When I looked around, he was wearing his traveling cloths, but with the outer layer pealed off. He must have taken off his shoes and hung up his coat at the door. “I’d like to take a bath, but after that, I would like to have a discussion with Ashen.”

“A bath? Would you like me to draw one for one, or one for two” said Blue.

By the redness of her ears after Sander embraced her, I am guessing the answer was two. Seriously, this stupid couple. It’s not like I am jealous or anything. I am still young. I am! How young? Don’t ask a girl her age, dumb ass.

“So, after… that…” I say in monotone, “you would like to have a discussion regarding Ashen? It’s about 4 pm now, so how about 8 pm?”

“Um, yes.” said Sander. “That would be nice, but will Ashen be asleep at that time?”

“If she were ordinary, the answer is yes, but for her, she would be wide awake and engaged in her ‘secret training’. Though honestly, anytime she is out of direct line of sight, she is in secret training mode.”

“Um, then that is good. Let us meet in the… living room at 7 pm. We can discuss our options a bit before the real discussion commences at 8 pm.”

“What is the use of having a prelude to a discussion that we’re about to have with the three of us anyways? Or is it because Momarck will be joining?”

“Hmm? Didn’t I say, I wanted to have a discussion with Ashen.”

“Wait, with, not about, but with?”

“Yes. I think it is time. At the very least, we need to know how much of the situation she is aware of. Did she retain her memories from previous incarnations? If so, how many of them? There are a lot of discrepancies I want to figure out. For example, she is teaching herself magic, and at a very rapid pace with complexity and finesse I have rarely seen before. ”

“What about compared to the past Blue Stars?” asked Blue.

“Well, when I mentioned it to father, he said that it was similar to the case with my aunt, except that for her, she simply was able to pick up the concepts that she learned in school quickly. For Ashen’s case, it is entirely different. She is not just learning magic, or reaffirming magic, but seemingly inventing magic whole cloth. Except that while she has done has a very large overlap with the Ancient Magic System that was in use a long time ago, and with which the previous Blue Stars of Astrania have favored. ”

“How is it different from the others, then?”

“Well, how can I say it. It is as if she is building a bridge from scratch, including the tools to be used to create that bridge, in a world without bridges.. But it is as if she already had the general knowledge of how bridges work. I know that example seems out there, but it really does appear to be as if she knew what it was supposed to do, but lacked the knowledge of how to do it.. Or it could even be the other way around. Anyways, to solve all this, we need to discuss this with her eventually. The sooner we do it, the closer we all can become. We can steer her, and be her guide. I do not say this lightly, but the future of this kingdom may rest upon what she does, and how she perceives us all. So starting now is imperative.”

“You treat your own daughter as if she was a weapon!” I said.

“Perhaps. Perhaps I am. It is not to say that I do not, even with our limited contact due to work, love her. I feel a bond with her that is as strong as any.”

He looked into Blue’s eyes. “Well, perhaps a little bit weaker than a certain one.”

Jeeze, really, just get in your damn bath and get it out of your system already.

“Ashen will have my love and trust. I know she has her mother’s.” He looked into Blue’s eyes, again.”I guarantee that Father will be in the palm of her hand. Indeed, keeping his contact, er, limited will be a chore in it’s own right.” He said, with his fingers to his temples.

“And for you, Amelia, I believe that you are rather fond of her as well, are you not?”

“That’s kind of hitting low, isn’t it?” I mumbled.

“Well then, let’s reconvene here in a few hours.” Sander said, pulling out a time piece from his pocket. “Shall we?” he said, walking out of the room hand in hand with Blue.

This stupid couple.

A minute or so after they left, Momarck walked into the room, sopping wet in boots and jacket.

“Hey! Don’t drip everywhere and track in the mud. Why didn’t you take everything off at the door?”

“Oh? You wanted to see everything, did you?” Momarck said. He leaned down and motioned pulling down his pants.

“Oh yes,” I said, “that’s good. Just a little bit more and I’ll have a perfect target to practice my Ice Bullet on.”

“Ah.” He stopped his movements and froze up. “But you don’t know magic right? Not outside home use spells…” said Momarck, with a dubious look on his face.

“I’ve been watching Ashen and practicing a bit of what she’s been doing. I think I’ve gotten better. But we can see how good my aim is.”

“Ah. No. Stop. No. Nevermind.” he said, pulling everything up and buttoning even the places without buttons. “But seriously. I need to dry off, it’s hell out there now. I’ll clean up this mess after I get done from the bath.”

“Nope. The lovebirds are in there ahead of you already.”

“What? Ungh, shit. Well.. want to get me out of these wet clothes? We can economize, and both get in together after they are done.”

“Or I can just freeze you, and then thaw you in the tub. Alone.”

“Point taken.”

Wrapped up as a towel mummy, Momarck and I bantered back until the besotted came out, and Momarck took their place.

Me? Of course not, I wouldn’t consider a guy who can’t even swim. That’s not what you meant? What did I do after that? None of your business.


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