Chapter 6 – Family Council I

Ashen’s Age: 2 Years Old

Amelia’s Perspective

“Honestly, at this point, I do not know what to think about life out here” I said. “At first, when you took up Sander’s proposition, quite literally I might add,” with some sharpness to my eyes, I looked right at Blue, “I thought that it would be a relatively boring time out in the boonies. You got to have your honeymoon, while I would hang around as chaperone.”

“Well,” said Blue, “It hasn’t been all boredom, hasn’t it? With Astrania’s take over of The Fleet, and the incorporation of all of The Fleet’s departments, Sander and I have barely had a moments rest.”

That was said by the brown haired woman, Blue Testarossa, across the table from me. Really, pushing everything on to me, like always.

“Hey, Blue, don’t forget here. I’m the one who had to deal with all of the paperwork and logistics. You just had to look ‘Captainly’, or maybe I should say ‘Regally’, and direct the broad strokes.” I sad. “On top of that, we’ve been dealing with the star of the show in the other room. Or maybe I should say not dealing with her? Hey, Blue, I know that you may want to be hands off as Sander said, but I really think it’s time that we leveled with her. Even if she is reincarnated, it’s not completely sure that she has her past memories. She may just possess the knowledge, or the raw intelligence, to have such rapid growth. But this is the time you are losing to bond with her. Like it or not, you are the mother of the Blue Star.”

“Uuuu… I know, I know but, it’s… how do I face that? Can I even be a mother to someone who could have even been a mother herself before me,”

“I know what you mean, and it’s not like our childhoods give us much of a basis to work on, after all. But Sander said, none of the known incarnations of the Blue Star have lived long enough to have kids…” Blue’s face contorted. “Ah, sorry, I didn’t….” my words trailed off.

A dead silence weighed in the air. Inwardly sighing due to my gaffe, I lean back in my chair and glance around the room. This countryside villa that we have called home for the last three years, no matter how long I say here, I just can’t see it as home. For me, home will always be either the cabin on the ship, or the rinky-dink rooms at the base where we’d crash between voyages, or manage the the affairs of The Fleet.

Overall, the place was what it looked like; a disused country residence of a wealthy noble family out in the middle of nowhere. It had solid, rustic and durable furnishings that could last the ravages of time with minimal upkeep from the owners.

The villa is better than my childhood home, though that may just be because of how horrible my childhood experience was. To be treated as a pawn, and then when plans fall apart, to be sold off for scraps… and father called himself a business man. Well, we’ll see when that hatchet can be buried. Hopefully, in the back of his head.

The villa was nice and calm, though. It was out in the countryside, away from the capital, and a few miles away from a small village on one side, a forest on the other, and far away from the sea. Well, if you took a certain detour, you could get to the sea, but we had to at least put on a show for the brass hats in the capital that we were not interfering with The Fleets operations. Which, let’s be honest, we totally were.

The house was two stories high and split into two wings. On the first floor on the right side, there was a large kitchen area, store rooms, and access to the basement for more storage. On the left side were the common living areas, such as the living room and dining room. On the second floor were the bedrooms, library and study. There were three large bedrooms on the second floor of each wing, followed by two bathrooms, a library and a study. The right wing bedrooms were traditionally reserved for the servants, but seeing as we did not have a whole lot going on around here, we ended up having everything scattered around without much of a fuss. The Cook who manned the kitchen for us lived in the nearby village, and simply commuted to work each day, as did her daughter who worked part time as a maid to clean the house.

Me? No, well, sure, I do some stuff, but I am an adjutant, not a servant. I’m here to get work done, assist Blue, and act as a guard if need be. Well, for that last part, it’s not as if Blue really needs protection. So I’m more in line with protecting Ashen, aren’t I? Or may be Sander? Meh.

The stupid couples, I mean, Blue’s and Sander’s rooms were on the left wing while my room and Ashen’s nursery are on the right wing. I totally know why we have this layout. Don’t try to avoid it, Blue. I was the one to be woken up at all hours by the baby’s cry… except that did not happen. Really, we should have known, right? A reincarnated person would not cry as a normal infant would, right? After all, unlike an infant’s cries about the unknown, this child would know what is happening to and around them.

Ah, now that I think about it, that was the impetus for my sit-down with Blue, wasn’t it. But, just as I was coming back from my own little world, Blue spoke up.

“Sander sent a letter ahead. He’s going to be here tonight. He said that he would like to discuss the situation with Ashen.”

“That guy, always like that, to discuss the situation, so round about.”

“That’s one of his good points, though? That he can be objective in all things.”

“But it’s his daughter, not a ‘thing’ to be impartial about!”
“Isn’t it just that.” Blue looked a little crestfallen, “that he wants to discuss the situation? That is, you know, if she really does view us as her parents? That she really is our daughter? ”

“Course she does. How can you think she wouldn’t? You carried her around in your belly for a year, then cloth, feed and protect her after. What else are you to her?”

“But, but… if she has her old memories… can anyone else be a parent to someone who already has had them?”

“Blue,” I stare at her with dead eyes, “You know, well as I, that just because you start off with one pair of parents, that doesn’t mean that they are your true parents at heart, nor are you limited to simply one pair.”

“But that’s just it, just as you said! Just because we were her parents bio-”

Were? You mean are.”

“…um… yes… sorry… um… but even if we are her parents biologically now, just as you said, we may not be her true parents to her.”

“That is why,” I put emphasis into my voice, “that is why now is the crucial part. Regardless, Ashen needs parents, and this is the time when she is most vulnerable. This is the time for you to bond. All we’ve really done is sit on the sidelines and watch her silently and out of view as she literally, LITERALLY, teachers herself magic as a baby. She has had no support. We all need to be that support, we can’t just avoid her like this.”

“it is as Amelia says, we can no longer leave her alone. It is time for us to discuss this as a family.” a voice rang out behind me.

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