Chapter 18 – Rematch

Ashen’s Age: 10 Years Old

Ashen’s Prospective

Remember the principles from gaming. From Counterstrike to real life paintball.

Actively concentrate at all times.

Your opponents could be anywhere, so just assume they are.

It might not be your opponent that is there, though, so confirm before attacking.

Use blitz tactics and get to the choke point first. If you can’t get there first, blaze through and disorient them.

Finish them as fast as you can before you’re the one overwhelmed.

Lets go in prepared, with our defenses up and our weapons ready. Lets assume the worst-that they are camping the entrance of the gate on either side. There were four of them earlier. Lets assume the same amount or more now.

It is as you said, there are two sitting at the front gate, from what my friends have told me. I do not know where the other two are. Probably in the forest.

Okay then. If they are expecting the gate, then lets disappoint them!

I bring out eight diamond bricks and have them orbit around me, four in one direction and four in the other.

I activate my magic and cast a spell to create sapphire claws around my arms. These will let me slash in close range, while also protecting my hands. Thankfully, I can cast around them as well.

I activate my glide ability and rise up off the ground.

Shade, please take control of the bricks.


Okay then, let’s do this!

I jump over the side wall, ready for the fight.

I land, and find that I am right behind a moon bear. As I suspected, they were sandwiching the gates. Clever for magic beasts, aren’t they. Tenacious to have been waiting here all this time.

The white circular patch of fur on top of it’s dark brown fur glowed in the moonlight. That must be why they are called Moon Bears. It’s claws and eyes glowed with similar fury. But this time, I have the drop on you!

It tries to turn around and react to my sudden appearance, twisting it’s body and biting out. I quickly launch two bricks at the back of its head, and slash with my claws downward into its spine.

Crash, the bricks smash into its skull, and I break the skin and bone with the slash of my claws on the moon bears back. It crumples instantly, dead.


I look up, and two of the other moon bears have arrived. While I was surprise attacking the first one, the other two instantly attacked me. Thankfully, Shade was able to block their attacks with a diamond brick each. The bricks have cracked into pieces, and tumble about.

I quickly kick off the wall to my right, and shoot towards the forest, throwing the crumbling diamond bricks into their faces to buy some time. They’re still off balance and landing after their attack. I try and get some distance between us and shoot towards the direction I originally came in from the path. That is my hope, that I can find the path and get out of the forest in one piece, and hope that either they do not follow me out of the forest, or I run into help.


The fourth moon bear is in front of me, cutting me off. They must be very intelligent magical beasts, coordinating and planning to this extent. It lunges at me as I bound towards it.



I cast a fireball over one claw and a waterball over the other and throw them at him at the same time.

The moon bear is able to dodge, but because of that, he had to abort his attack on me.

But my main objective is not that.

The waterball and fireball collide and create a wall of steam and fog. I pass through it as fast as I can, pushing off from tree to tree to gain speed. The burning steam blinds the bear that was attacking me, and should obscure me from the two in pursuit.

I don’t have time for more complex magic.

After bounding forward, I fire two of the diamond bricks behind me. I hear a satisfying crunch. I must have landed a good blow there on the blinded moon bear.


I grew conceited. As I bounded forward, the two moon bears attacked me from each side. My remaining two bricks are crushed into shards again. I have none left except my claws, and I can’t summon them without some effort beforehand. I don’t know the spell well enough. It would take me a minute or two to get them back up. And without them, my defense is nil.

I throw the shards at their legs and keep going forward. Go! Go! GO! Have to get away! If I, if I take just one hit from those guys, I’m screwed.



I throw a wind blast to my left and push myself to the right, bear claws slashing right where I was a second before.



I create a wall of stone to cover my right side, and it crumbles from the bears attack.

I have a second to go before it climbs over the rubble.


I cry out for the help. I cry for the first time in my life. This life.

Sara’s face flashes through my eyes, but is replaced by Blues.

Blue’s face?


No, that’s the real thing!

Blue blazes past me, and with two slashes from the swords in each hand, the bears are bisected. Easily. So easily. The opponent that I struggled with all my might, was defeated in a moment.

Mother.. you really are strong, aren’t you?

I can see a band of hunters in front of me on the path, and further up the bend, some more hunters led by Chesney and Amelia coming towards us.

“Really, in the nick of time.” I muter before collapsing to my hands and knees, then helped up by the hunters.

Really, for someone who went on a walk because they were down about their strength, I was still somewhat full of myself, wasn’t I?


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