Chapter 11 – Afternoon Self Study

Ashen’s Age: 10 Years Old

Ashen’s Perspective

While I get into the routine of being taught sword lessons and physical training by Mother and Amelia with Chesney, in the afternoon it is my own time. During that time, I either learn about magic, or explore around the area and practice my magic and sword skills.

I have found through my spell crafting that there are limits to creating spells. Magic Spells are exponentially complex. When you create a spell, you build it out of the component parts and have it do the thing you need to do. Those components could be thought of a spell with a level of 0, for example an element of magic that creates heat or flame. After putting together different components, you create a spell of level 1.

An example of this would be a fire bolt. A simple bolt of fire that can be directed at a target. If you take that as a base, and then add more to it, such as adding other spells and modifying it with additional components, you get a level 2 version of the spell, such as Fireball, which has more power, versatility and speed.

But there is a catch.

Each time you go up a level in the complexity of a spell, the new spell is exponentially more complex, and requires similarly exponential amounts of power to invoke it. So creating a level zero spell is easy. Creating a level one spell is simple.

Creating a level two spell is twice as complex and uses twice as much power as a level 1 spell, a power of 2.

A level three spell requires twice as much complexity and power of a level two spell, so a power of 4, then a power of 8, 16, 32, you get the idea.

That means that to create truly large spells, you would very quickly run into a wall. Eventually you would need the magical power of a country to go to the next level, first requiring the brains of that entire country to work to create it.

At least this gives me a way to tell the power level of a spell.

Alright. On to healing magic. I didn’t think healing magic existed at first.

There is the need to insulate yourself from your own magic damaging you, and the doctor who visited me when I electropeed myself didn’t heal me with magic either.

When I asked father about this, he said that there is a small division at Astrania University that focuses in medicine and healing magic, but that it was not very effective and could not be used on the caster, or the person who developed the spell.

Thus, medicine is at least a bit more advanced than they would be if they solely had to rely on magic.

However, I beg to differ. Healing magic is not like how it is in games where you say a few words and you are made whole.

Instead, it is more like speeding up regeneration or adding a little bit of scar tissue here and there while doing surgery.

Basically I have found that you need to give the magic specific tasks to do, and that is not possible with a blanket catch all spell. In essence, each spell has to be crafted in real time while you work on the wound.

And even then, it cannot restore limbs. It is more like a soldering iron for flesh. I can make two pieces of a blood vessel heal together, but things that cannot heal can’t be healed.

You also can indeed use healing magic on yourself.

But to do so, you need to use it without the protective current that you insulate your other magic with, which actually makes it a rather dangerous magic to practice.

I have been using it on myself after sword practice, or when I get bumps or bruises playing outside. It is still very hard to use, though, and as I mentioned you need to know exactly what you are using the healing magic to do.

If anything, it is more comparable to using a soldering iron when building an electronic circuit. You can’t just throw the solder and wires on a board. They need to be precise, and in a very specific pattern, with a specific method.

Otherwise, you get junk. Only in this case, the circuit board is you, and the junk is you dying.

Learning healing magic was good, because I’ve been hurting myself more and more lately.

The sword practice is making me more fit, I can tell, but unlike Mother, I don’t feel like I am getting sturdier.

Like I am getting better endurance, but not strength.

To compensate for this, I have been experimenting with techniques to use magic to enhance my abilities as a swordswoman.

Stuff like putting magic around the blade of the sword, or trying to increase my speed when kicking off the ground. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone very well.

Kicking off the ground with magic backing it hurts my ankles. Hitting things with the magic enhanced sword hurts my wrists.

Shouldn’t I be getting better at this?

Shouldn’t I be leveling up or something?


It’s frustrating.

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