Chapter 10 – Morning Lessons

Ashen’s Age: 8 Years Old

Ashen’s Perspective

“I still think this isn’t going to work. She’s going to be a magician, right? Do you know any magicians who can use a sword for anything more than a cane?” said Chesney.

“She’s my daughter, of course she will have talent.” said Blue. “Besides, if you don’t shut up about it, I’ll treat you to some live fire training again.” said Blue.

“Yeep, ok, sheesh.”

“Where do we begin?” I asked.

“We’ll start up with some stretches, and a jog around the mansion.” said Blue.

“Try and keep up, pipsquee-ow!” said Chesney.

“Then let’s go.”

And with that, we were off running.



Huff. Huff. Geeze, I was a nerd in my previous life. Physical exercise never really appealed to me.

Then again, maybe it will be better in this world. What always drove me crazy were the muscle pains afterwards. Maybe I can figure something out.

“Whats wrong, little dude? Already lapped you.”

Huff. Huff. “I’m coming… coming… com… coming..”

We finished after three laps. No. I finished after three laps. Chesney did 10 laps. I couldn’t even count how many Mother did, though.

After running, I drank some water and caught my breath. I wish I could create water and drink it, but that is useless. The water that I drank would immediately evaporate in my system, and I’d be in an even worse condition. It’d be the same as drinking salt water to quench your thirst.

We also did some stretches to loosen up our joints and prevent cramping or tearing a muscle.

Finally, we began the training.

“Since this is your first time, Ashen, we’ll start with the basics. And the basics start with your grip. Here, this is a short sword, Try holding it out as if you are going to attack me.”

I took the sword, and held it in my hands, gripping it for dear life.

“Now, look here.” said Blue. “Your hands are stiff, holding the sword with great force. This will just tire you out, and make it hard for you to move your sword around when you need to change positions. You should hold it as so.”

Blue instructed me on how to hold the sword, the correct grip, and then we took some practice swings. After taking five practice swings, she would stop us and then teach us a different grip to use for different swords, and different scenarios. We would then practice five more swings with each grip. By the time we were four grips in, I was sure my arms would fall off.

“That’s it for today. Ashen, you can sit down and rest in the shade.”

“Oh, over already?”

“Not for you, buddy. You’re just getting started.”

I walked back over to the door where father was leaning against the door frame and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Chesney spar with Blue, while chatting casually with father.

Let me say that Chesney is strong. His bluster and bragging are real. Still., he is no match for Blue, but I have never seen such good swordsmanship outside of experts on Youtube. He’d definitely put any Hollywood stuntman to shame.

This became our daily morning routine.

1. Run around the mansion.
2. Do some stretching.
3. Practice Grips.
4. Practice Swings.
5. Practice Sparring.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but…

After a month of this, I became rather adept.

After a half year of this, I became good.

After a year, I became solid.

But I am still no where near Blue or Chesney.

I am excited though. Being a swordsman is every boys dream. Wait, I am a girl now. Shit. Well, if Blue can do it, I should be able to too.

En Garde!

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